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What are the best potential careers with an accounting degree in 2023?

Accounting is one of the best career paths for professionals interested in a high-paying and stable field. Accountants and auditors handle the preparation of sensitive financial documents for their organizations and are crucial to a company’s ability to function both financially and legally. With expertise when it comes to both technology and business, the most successful accountants earn themselves significant leverage in their workplaces.

There are several specializations within accounting to take into consideration while choosing a degree program. Whether you want to work for the government or for a private company, there are a variety of job opportunities available:

  1. Forensic Accountant

    These accountants investigate financial crimes, which may include cases of embezzlement, money-laundering, or fraud. Forensic accountants most often work for the government in law enforcement agencies, but may also work for banks, insurance companies, or accounting firms.

  2. Managerial Accountant

    Managerial accountants are in charge of the budgeting and bookkeeping efforts within their organization. In many cases, they work closely with their company’s investment team in order to help guide strategy as it relates to stocks, bonds, or other assets.

  3. Government Accountant

    Government accountants work for the local, state, or federal government and are in charge of the budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis within their section. In many cases, they handle auditing, which ensures that tax revenue is collected correctly.

  4. Public Accountant

    Public accountants work with clients directly in order to provide direct financial advice. They can work with government agencies, small or large businesses, or individuals. Interested in this career? Enrolling in an accounting program is a great way to get started.

  5. Environmental Accountant

    A company’s environmental footprint is often scrutinized by the public and government alike, which is where environmental accountants come in. They help calculate the costs of going green and can assist a company in making better environmental choices while still maintaining revenue.

  6. Auditor

    Auditors examine an organization’s financial documents in search of any signs of monetary mismanagement. In many fields, regular audits are a legal requirement as they ensure businesses are operating appropriately. There are both internal and external auditors, with the former being employed directly by a single organization, and the latter being contracted by multiple organizations to perform scheduled audits.

    By getting a degree in accounting, you can embark on a career path that offers great pay and stability, as well as ample opportunities to work as an accountant or auditor within a variety of fields. In most cases, earning a bachelor’s in accounting is the first major step in this direction, and online programs are one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get started.

    Explore your future in accounting now by comparing degree programs today.

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